The Revolution of CDN Service!
Build Your Own CDN Now with iNODE NINJA

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The unprecedented “Intelligent CDN Service Builder” makes building a self-designed and branded CDN service possible.

See why a self-built CDN service is desirable for every CDN players.

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The World Leading CDN Technology

Step into the future of CDN with "iNODE NINJA" – a global game-changer! Easily create your custom CDN service and pave the way for your CDN business's triumph.

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Build Your CDN in 3 Simple Steps!
Select Global Nodes
Add Domains, Set up WAF
Monitor and Analyze
A Platform to Build
Your CDN Service Is
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Flexible Nodes, Simple Management

Unleash a brilliant CDN service with top-performing nodes tailored to your markets. Let iNODE NINJA handle the rest. No more compromises.

Venture into CDN Business, Effortlessly

No CDN R&D expertise required. For ISPs and infrastructure owners, iNODE NINJA's platform makes building a custom CDN service a breeze!

Lower Cost, Higher Efficiency

Say goodbye to pricey enterprise plans! iNODE NINJA's Intelligent CDN Service Builder allows you to allocate CDN resources freely, boosting performance while lowering costs.


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