What is iNODE NINJA?

Build an Absolutely Cost-effective, and Desirable CDN Service Ever!

A groundbreaking platform that lets you build your own CDN service like setting up an online store. No ninja skills needed!

An All-in-one Platform to Keep You Stay Insightful

Bulk Domain Management

The exclusive project-based management for bulk domains makes attack detection faster.

Powerful WAF

Sophisticated rule conditions and actions to accurately block all kinds of malicious traffic.

Personalized Dashboard

More than 150 on-demand charts plus a chart builder for personalized dashboard.

Complete Log

Keep complete and real-time request data for easy issue attribution and data analysis.

All-powerful WAF Keeps Your Website Invisible to Attackers.

Safely Hidden

The industry's most powerful WAF supports multi-level blocking to protect your website and end users from cunning layer 7 attacks. Duel in the dark, keep a low profile. That’s what a ninja does.

Highly Skilled

Attacks including or excluding specific signatures can be filtered at different levels by our WAF such us speed limit, response custom page, smart captcha, etc. Our ability of DDoS protection will never let you down.

Well Responsive

With WAF, unique domain management, personalized dashboard, and complete request logs for thousands of domains, you'll respond instantly to attacks. Get the job down, go home on time. That’s rad.