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  • Is “iNODE NINJA” a CDN service provider?

    iNODE NINJA is an "Intelligent CDN Service Builder" developed with the world leading CDN framework technology. We are not a CDN service provider, but a platform for establishing your own CDN service. To put it simply, if you want to open your online shop, you will establish your business on an ecommerce platform; if you want to “build a CDN service” or “become a CDN service provider,” then iNODE NINJA is the one and only choice.

  • How to get start with iNODE NINJA?

    If you are an IT professional of a company and are very interested in establishing a CDN service on your own, we believe the fastest way to understand how iNODE NINJA can help you is to click "Free Trial" in the upper right corner to start your CDN journey immediately. It only takes 3 seconds to complete sign up for a 30-day free trial. If you want to subscribe after 30 days, the account settings will be fully reserved for you, and you can continue your work directly.

  • What are iNODE NINJA’s pricing plans?

    In addition to the 30-day free trial, iNODE NINJA provides 3 pricing plans for enterprises of different industries and sizes. Please click "Plans" at the top of the website for details.

  • What are the features of iNODE NINJA’s CDN management platform?

    iNODE NINJA's CDN management platform is specially designed for enterprises that want to "launch their CDN service" or need to "manage tens of thousands of domain names".

    Custom Platform Theme for Creating a Good-looking Platform for Your Brand.

    The platform provides “Platform Personalization” setting, you can curate the theme or layout of your platform, including logo, theme style, etc., which can help to boost your brand visibility to clients.

    The 100% Custom Dashboard with Real-time Traffic for All Industries

    To meet the needs of your CDN business (or as a CDN service owner) and your clients in different industries and scales, iNODE NINJA’s CDN management platform provides 100% custom dashboard with real-time traffic visibility to support visual reports in any given data.

    The Most Delicate WAF to Fulfill Multi-layer Defense Strategy, Precise Blocking

    The most sophisticated WAF rule setting can deal with various L7 attacks, applicable to all websites. With user-friendly interface, custom dashboard, complete request log and other features, iNODE NINJA’s in-built WAF can almost block all attacks.

    The Domain Managing System Designed for Bulk Domains

    iNODE NINJA’s domain managing system is designed to provide CDN services and manage bulk domains easily. According to your demand, the domains can be classified based on user countries, domain name owners, and origin servers, etc. Besides easy management, advanced configurations such as WAF rules together with dashboard can help to quickly identify the targeted and affected areas in order to take defensive measures, even when huge number of domains are deployed on the CDN service.

    *For further information, please click "Plans" at the top of the website.

  • Does iNODE NINJA offer customer service and support?

    Should I build a self-designed CDN service instead of using a commercial CDN?

    iNODE NINJA provides professional business consultation which can help you to know whether you need to have your own CDN service before subscription.

    What knowledge should I have before establishing a CDN service?

    Don’t worry if you know too little about how to build your own CDN service. Our experienced consultants will make sure you get practical information and knowledge required to get started; for example, how to purchase the right nodes (PoPs), how to configure the nodes, what infrastructure needs to be prepared and so on.

    Will I get a guide about platform operation?

    If you have basic IT expertise and experience in using CDN services, you’ll find iNODE NINJA’s platform is quite user-friendly. If you are not familiar with CDN service, or have any questions, please feel free to contact with our customer service by clicking the chatbot at the bottom right of our website or sending an email to us. You’ll get the responses soon.

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  • For “Jonin” subcriber, what should be equipped beforehand?

    iNODE NINJA is a platform for building a self-designed CDN service. To get started, you need to purchase suitable nodes (PoPs, edge servers) and deploy them on your CDN service with iNODE NINJA’s platform.

    The network and other infrastructure are not included in the plans. For DDoS scrubbing center needs, we are pleased to provide consultation. By building your own CDN, you can have full control of the CDN you use, including the location of nodes, number of nodes, other resources and the cost. We provide a more flexible, cost-effective, and efficient CDN experience for all!

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  • For launching a CDN service, exept for exsiting resources, like network and infrastructure, what else should be prepared?

    Congratulations! If you already have the above resources, adding a CDN service in your product line is just a matter of time. iNODE NINJA Intelligent CDN Service Builder helps you develop your CDN business immediately. The more you know your clients, the smarter you can be with your newly launched CDN product. With all your knowledge and iNODE NINJA’s all-in-one platform, you can create the service they’ll enjoy the most!

  • As a CDN service provider (Jonin), should my clients take any extra effort?

    Tailoring CDN services for your clients is your top priority. Regarding everything in operation, iNODE NINJA’s CDN management platform has got what you need to run a CDN service. Easily deploy domains, customize the platform, monitor incoming traffic, take defensive actions and more. No trouble at all!

  • Does iNODE NINJA’s CDN management platform include WAF?

    iNODE NINJA’s in-built WAF is not just a feature. It's one of the best WAF ever! Our well-designed WAF for defense of sophisticated Layer 7 attacks won't let you down. Get your 30-day free trial now!

  • Does iNODE NINJA provide network security products? Ex: DDoS protection.

    A CDN service with in-built DDoS protection has been the trend of website security. The WAF built in iNODE NINJA Intelligent CDN Service Enabler is powerful. If DDoS scrubbing center is required, iNODE NINJA team’s 10-year-experience consultants are always here for providing good advice.

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  • If we are new to CDN service, will we meet any difficulties in operation?

    Just starting out as a CDN service provider or as a CDN service owner and user? Don’t worry. iNODE NINJA is developed by a team with 10 years of CDN technology, operation, and consulting experience. We understand the needs of CDN users and have accumulated many successful cases. Want more details? Contact with us for the first step!

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  • What cost can be saved by building a CDN service with iNODE NINJA?

    100% control of CDN resources to put your money on the right place

    If you have ever used CDN services, you will understand that the product plan is not flexible. It means that location/quantity of nodes, quality of network or other value-added services in a plan is fixed. Usually, to boost performance as well as competitiveness, you may upgrade your plan or use multiple CDN services. As a result, it will cost you too much only for a fine performance.

    That’s why iNODE NINJA was born! A self-built CDN service which enables full control of your CDN resources, such as location/quantity of nodes and quality of network can help you save the costs on uncalled for resources in a fixed plan or spend the same amount of money but for a 100% custom service to boost efficiency.

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A Bespoke, Self-built CDN Service, Simplified
Choose the most desirable nodes around the globe for your target markets.
Deploy domains and set WAF rules on the CDN platform in minutes.
Monitor the real-time incoming traffic to make accurate analysis.