Fast forward to 2012, a small group of tech people in Taiwan worked as a team dedicated to serving VIP clients and gradually became active in Internet field aiming to China. This is how we started as a CDN tech pioneer.

Then, in 2016, something bigger happened! We recruited more network security talents to build a CDN business with DDoS protection and custom service.

In 2018, to maximize the value of CDN, we began to carry out a revolutionary plan capable of shaking the CDN industry-iNODE NINJA, a new way to using CDN service, freer, more efficient, and affordable.

A Shadow Explorer-Move Fast, Stay Invulnerable.

Our Mission &
What We’ve Changed

Be free. Like a bird!

Be a Free Player

iNODE NINJA breaks away from CDN’s limits. Free choice of nodes/network, full control of resources, all-in-one platform and personalized dashboard helps boost corporate websites’ speed and security.

Who got this brilliant idea?
Oh! It’s me!

Keep You Inspired

iNODE NINJA's industry leading CDN framework technology makes building a CDN service without experts possible. This marks a new era when 100% control of CDN resources has come true. Self-selected nodes/network, personalized monitoring, flexible WAF and more make CDN solutions illimitable. Imagination is everything!

See clearer and go further!

For an Insightful Future

iNODE NINJA integrates all CDN resources into a platform. All incoming traffic is well recorded as a real-time and visible database to support quick deployment. We make website acceleration and cyber security easier than ever. It’s a tool to grasp the present, bring insight into the future, inspire human intelligence and help achieve ambitious goals of a CDN.

Staying under the radar as a doer, sometimes we’ll be back in the spotlight.